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yeah...) I think they are most needed in environments where the managers and employees don't naturally interact through the day.

It can be for bringing up issues you might not feel comfortable talking about in a group.

People who are new to the workplace espcially seem to need it in order to really understand the boss's needs and perspective.

No one teaches you how to deal with a boss when you are in school.

So as I see it, the first reason for having one on ones is for the employee and the boss to get comfortable dealing with each other and to gain some trust in each other.

This is espcially critical that you develop that trust so that when there is a serious issue that needs to be brought up (such as how to deal with the impact of your cancer diagnosis or the guy who is attacking you in the office (2 subjects not chosen at random)), the employee will feel comfotable talking to the person who needs to know.

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